All vendors must comply with the following Quality Clauses (QC) as the minimum requirements.

QC 1 Notify AC Products of any delay on any Purchase Order as soon as the delay is known.

QC 2 Notify AC Products of any diversion of any Purchase Order terms and/or product(s) and request for AC Products’ written approval.

QC 3 Notify AC Products if nonconforming product is being shipped and request the corresponding approval prior to shipping.

QC 4 Notify AC Products of any changes in product and/or process definition. This will require written notification to AC Products for acceptance and written approval.

QC 5 Ensure that all information in any Purchase Contract is held in confidence and no third party request for information will be authorized, unless instructed in writing by AC Products’ Management representative.

QC 6 Ensure that the personnel involved in the processing and fulfilling of the order have the proper training, knowledge and qualifications for an accurate and timely delivery of the order within the quality standards required by the Aerospace Industry.

QC 7 Maintain adequate records of QC analysis, certification and inspection tests for a minimum of 10 years from the shipment date of the product.

QC 8 Provide at the time of shipping, the corresponding Certificate of Analysis to confirm product is in compliance and preferably with a minimum of 75% shelf life.

QC 9 Product Packaging to document the following information on the container:

  • AC Products’ Purchase order #
  • AC Products’ Item Code,
  • Product expiration date

QC 10 Vendor agrees to provide right of entry to AC Products or regulatory agencies to all facilities and records in the performance of any purchase contract with AC Products.

QC 11 All vendors shall maintain a quality management system that is compliant to AS9100 or comparable system, or one which is acceptable to AC Products.

QC 12 All vendors flow down to the supply chain the applicable requirements including AC Products’ requirements.

QC 13 All vendors notify ACP when non-conforming products exist or suspected to exist within three days.

QC 14 Please be aware that by meeting these Quality Clauses, as a company or as a person, you are contributing with quality, safety and ethical behavior to ensure that our finished products meet the AS9100 Aerospace Industry Quality Standards.

ACP QF 8.4.3 Purchasing Order Quality Clauses
Rev #4, 5/14/2019